Chaser credit control automation for AccountsIQ users

Thursday, 11 February 2021
10:00am GMT

Chasing payments is frustrating & time-consuming. It doesn’t have to be.

Find out how thousands of businesses are automating their accounts receivable processes without losing the human touch, and putting an end to late payments with Chaser.

Chaser is the market-leading automated credit control software, that now integrates with AccountsIQ.

A quick glimpse at how you can improve your accounts receivable - Chaser users:

- Get paid 16+ days sooner
- Save 15+ hours per week on AR tasks
- Reduce days sales outstanding by 25%
- Maintain great customer relationships

You'll learn

How Chaser helps: the problems we help you solve, and how Chaser advances the chasing of unpaid invoices in AccountsIQ
How it works: see a demo of our key features including the newly released Payment Portal
Why Chaser: why we're the best solution available
Next steps: how you can make the most of our 14 day free trial and integrate Chaser and AccountsIQ in 2minutes 

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