Improve cash flow and increase efficiency in your business in 2021: fintech panel

Ensure greater cashflow certainty for your business in 2021

View the recorded session by completing the form on this page, this panel took place on 4 March 2021.

2020 brought economic uncertainty and cash flow problems for many businesses. With cash flow management now more crucial than ever to weather the ongoing economic uncertainty, 68% of business leaders are turning to tech to increase the efficiency of their processes and improve cash flow.

You'll leave this webinar with practical, actionable advice and tech insights from a panel of fintech industry experts, to help you ensure greater efficiency and improved cash flow for your business in 2021.

Your panellists will cover

Introduction to improving cash flow and increasing efficiency with fintech

How to put an end to disconnected, manual processes that slow your team down

Harnessing fintech to make better business decisions and improve cash flow

Increasing your cash-in and running a more efficient receivables process

Cutting down your admin time and running a more efficient payables process

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